The Process

The Process

The Process

Through our work together, my goal is that you feel confident and clear about your marketing. You’ll have a working strategy and plan document as an end result and someone to bounce ideas off of along the way. This is a team effort and as your strategic marketing partner I’ll be guiding you through the process. With a simple and powerful marketing plan, you’ll be sure to have less confusion and frustration and more clarity and direction. To give you a better idea of how we would work together, here’s the process for the first 3 meetings.

We’ll start with where you are and where you want to be. We’ll cover what’s worked, what’s not worked, and what components of a marketing plan you have now.

Once we’ve determined what we have to work with, I’ll create the outline of the plan and organize the pieces. This is where we talk more about ideas and what you can do now as we are planning for future growth.

Building & Refining
Once we have our road map, it’s time for implementation and refining the map as we go. This is the testing and measuring phase and where we are seeing what’s working and what needs to be updated.

The benefits of going through this process is that we are finding solutions as we go. The end result is more organization and clarity but you don’t have to wait till the end to have that. It starts with the discovery process. I’ll be here for you throughout the process. While there will be work (or play depending on how you look at it:) for you to do outside of our meetings, I’m here to answer your questions. Each time we meet we’ll talk about where you are now, what ideas or questions you have, and work through the next step in the plan. Ready to get started and feel more confident about your marketing plan?


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