Organizing Your Content for a Website Redesign

Organizing Your Content for a Website Redesign

Organizing Your Content for a Website Redesign

A website redesign is a big project. There are many moving pieces and each one is so important. It’s the intersection of all those pieces that make it a success. The user experience, design, development, content and story are all a part of that.

To give you an example, I worked on a website redesign project for a state wide credit union and my role was managing the content for the new site. It was fulfilling work to collaborate with the agency that hired me and the internal client team. I was essentially filling a marketing lead role on the client side to help them complete the content. My primary team was the chief marketing officer, senior communications specialist, and agency project manager. So what was involved in the content process?

My goal is to give you a few tips for your website redesign and managing the content portion.

  1. Having conversations about the vision, mission, core values, and voice of the organization was key. This laid the foundation for the rest of the project. We had to know what the voice, story, and key messages were in order to write or rewrite pages.
  2. Doing a content inventory. Knowing what we had to work with was crucial to building our step by step plan for the launch.
  3. Revisiting the brand experience brief as we moved forward. This document covered the crux, context, insight, experience, approach, credibility, momentum, commitments, and how we’ll know we’ve succeeded for the individual campaigns that were being developed during this project. The brief asked questions like What is the central problem we’re solving? What in our audience’s world can we challenge or capitalize on? etc.
  4. As the content lead, I lived by the content master spreadsheet. It was a Google Sheet that was shared with the entire team and tracked page URL, page details, action needed, page job, subject matter expert, Google Doc link for final page, doc status and notes. This was the hub we worked from along with Basecamp for day to day project management.
  5. Know your process for content creation and editing. I worked closely with the writers, marketing team, and agency to assure the pages met our criteria (the page job and filling in the outline we created for each).

Best of luck with your own project! If you need help, feel free to send a note. I’d be happy to help and would love to hear from you either way:)


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