Five Questions to Ask Yourself Before Optimizing Your Website

Five Questions to Ask Yourself Before Optimizing Your Website

Five Questions to Ask Yourself Before Optimizing Your Website

Update: As promised, here is the full presentation and 15 questions. 

Actually, the 5 questions are a teaser. I’m presenting at Venture Cafe on the 15 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Optimizing Your Website and I thought it would be content you would be interested as well. I’ll give you the first 5 and then after my presentation on Thursday, I’ll post the full 15. I know you are so excited to optimize your website and want the full 15 now! It will give you time answer the first 5 and read a few articles before jumping into the process;)

  1. What are your top goals for the website?
    1. You need to know if the goal is to increase traffic, conversion rate, or brand awareness. Each has different metrics to measure and there needs to be one primary goal to give you focus.
  2. If visitors could only do 3 things on your website, what would they be?
    1. Once again a question to help you refine the purpose of the website or landing page.
  3. Who are your ideal customers?
  4. What differentiators do your customers say you have over competitors?
    1. The key word here is ‘customers’, now what you think your differentiators are but what your customers actually say. Have you asked them? How did you ask them? I recommend the Running Lean problem interview process or using a tool like
  5. Has your current content been written with your goals in mind?
    1. If not, how would you rewrite the content to better speak to your customers and goals?

To help with the process, here are a few articles on optimizing landing pages in particular. While you may be redesigning or updating your website, it’s helpful to test one page at a time. The principles here still apply to a whole website.

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