Hey folks! What are you using for dashboards? I’ve been exploring the Traction Scorecards, Brad Sugars’ 5 Ways, and Pirate Metrics for business and marketing tracking. I’d love to hear what is working for you. Here are more details on each as promised in my most recent Facebook Live.

I use the Pirate Metrics for campaign tracking, 5 Ways for business/marketing, and the Traction Scorecard as the overarching framework for organizing them and other metrics. The key is finding out what works best for your organization and what your goals are. Happy tracking!

Pirate Metrics

What Is An EOS Scorecard?

The 5 Ways to Grow Business Revenue and Profit

Marketing + Business Dashboards

What are you tracking and why? Let's talk about Traction Scorecards, Brad Sugar's 5 Ways, and AARRR Metrics.

Posted by Aha Marketing on Monday, June 18, 2018

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