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Starting a New Venture!

Starting a New Venture!

Dani Inc. is an apparel and accessories boutique that provides high quality, iconic women’s fashion, 100% pure materials (italian leather, silk, cotton) all curated by designer Dani Forrest and finished with the signature Dani brand stamp of approval.

That’s right! I am starting another business! This will be my third and I am no less nervous. While it will be a retail business which I have experience in, it will be in a new industry – women’s fashion and accessories. Why am I starting another business? To follow my passion. I know it sounds cliche but I love fashion and I am an entrepreneur, it’s in my DNA to create and start something new. Having multiple projects running at once is what drives me, which is why I’ll be working on Dani Inc while continuing with marketing consulting and project work.

What are the details then? The first site for the company will be, and will embody my personal style as well as life philosophies. My vision is that women feel sexy, feminine, and alive in their clothes. I believe in a world where women live life to the fullest and see beauty in the world every day. That includes everything from accessorizing with a sparkling new bracelet or shopping for a classy dress to wear while out for a night on the town. Dani Inc will also be a place for women to connect and grow together.

Being a part of my personal identity, I would describe the Dani Inc brand as full of light, love, and energy. A woman wearing Dani is boundless in her passions and always into something new. She is warm, friendly, and loves to laugh. She feels most alive when traveling with loved ones and enjoys walks on the beach, art museums, classic movies, lunches in Tuscan hill towns, red wine and chocolate. She is ambitious, free, unlimited and empowered.

The clothing and accessories under the Dani brand will be whimsical, sexy, colorful, and timeless. For women who have a little bit of Sophia Loren, Audrey Hepburn, and Marilyn Monroe in them. Dani Inc. believes that shopping for women can be an intimate, fun, and easy experience. With a passion for the finer things in life, we will bring our personal touch to every detail of the experience.

Look for updates on this new venture in the coming weeks as we launch the new website in March with our Spring Collection.