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Let’s Go Out On The Town

Let’s Go Out On The Town

If you are looking for some fun events to go to, here’s what I have on my calendar so far. Let me know if you want to join me!

August 13 – Pop Up Coworking for Women (Greensboro)

August 15 – Fashion & Textile Mixer (Raleigh)

August 15 – IdeaLaunch (Greensboro)

August 15 – 1 Million Cups (Durham)

August 16 – Studio 503 Artist Event (Greensboro)

August 20 – Big Top Startup Crawl (Raleigh)

August 30 – Startup Grind Party (Raleigh)

August 31 – Creative Morning (Raleigh)

September 6 – Larger Than Life Science (Durham)

September 7-9 – Folk Festival (Greensboro)

September 12 – Wise Women Wednesday (Greensboro)

September 20 – CLT Startup Crawl (Charlotte)

September 25 – Center for Creative Economy Demo Day (Winston Salem)

September 27 – Venture Cafe (Winston Salem)

September 29 – Winston Salem Fashion Week

September 29 & 30 – Abraham Hicks Workshop (Asheville)


P.S. Photo from Women’s Innovators Day event in Raleigh:) Everyone from the Greensboro crew won a giveaway!




I needed a pick me up this morning so I decided to write about moodboards. Who doesn’t love the beautiful colors and imagery of a well designed moodboard? Yes, I get excited about marketing tools:) Here’s your #MondayMotivation through moodboards, the why, what, benefits, tools, and examples. Short and sweet.


  • Inspiration
  • Affirmation
    • If you already have brand guidelines, a moodboard supports and affirms the brand identity
  • Guidance
    • Defining your brand is key and with tools like this it gives you and your partners guidance on your look and feel
  • Communication
    • The more supporting documents you have for your brand the better. This applies to communications with all marketing team members and others that are representing your brand.

What to Include

  • Imagery
    • Visual metaphors
    • Photography style
    • Art
  • Colors
  • Words
    • Typography
    • Headlines and tone words
  • Texture
    • Patterns and shapes


  • Faster mockup production (especially for a website redesign, this helps inform pages before they are designed)
  • Smoother team buy-in with a visual
  • More fun, less frustration



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