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LIVE with Graham Treakle of One Donation

LIVE with Graham Treakle of One Donation

Join our conversation with Graham Treakle, COO of One Donation, about the great non-profits and businesses they are helping, favorite books, 12 week years, and unique ways businesses are leveraging technology for change.

One Donation is a tech company helping non-profits raise money through payroll deduction, facilitating corporate giving plans. They are doing great work to help people in their giving activities!

Parting Thoughts: Continue to support the causes you care about!

Show Notes:

Clemmons Food Pantry

The Lean Startup

The 12 Week Year

Venture Cafe

Out & About Town Blog Post

HQ Greensboro

Peter Diamandis

Cause Roast

Get A Grip On Your Business

Out & About Town: September/October

Out & About Town: September/October

Mark your calendars ladies and gentlemen! Virtually, join me live with Graham and Melanie this week and next. If you are in North Carolina, come join me for an event around town. Let’s go out and network!


Wednesday, 19 @ 4pm – Going Live on my Facebook page with Graham Treakle of One Donation

Friday, 21 @ 6:30pm – WSFW Opening Night Reception

Tuesday, 25 @ 10am – Going Live with Melanie Ginsburg, Sales Funnel Expert

Tuesday, 25 @ 5:30pm – Startup Grind WS with Steadman Harrison and Steve Beck of GoInnovation

Tuesday, 25 @ 5:30pm – Center for Creative Economy Demo Day

Tuesday, 25 @ 6:30pm – IoT with Embedded AI: Is it Outperforming Humans? (Raleigh)

Thursday, 27 @ 6pm – Dani’s Presentation @ Venture Cafe on How To Create a KICKASS Content Calendar

Friday, 28 @ 8am – Creative Morning with Sunny Lin & Sophia Woo from Food Network’s The Great Food Truck Race (Raleigh)

Saturday, 29 @ 4pm – WSFW Runway


2 @ 5pm – Venture Café at HQ Greensboro: Cyber Security

2 @ 6pm – GSO Fashion Week Meet & Greet

4 @ 4pm – Larger Than Life Science (Durham)

6 @ 6pm – 10th Annual Art Lives Here Silent Auction @ Revolution Mills

10 @ 7pm – Opening Event for The Beyond: Georgia O’Keeffe and Contemporary Art (Raleigh)

12 @ 8:30am – Innovative Women’s Conference (Raleigh)

17 @ 12pm – Dani’s TBD Lunch & Learn @ HQ Greensbor0

22 @ 9am – Free Lady’s Coworking Day

Monday Motivation – Rock your Content Calendar, Calling All Female Artists, & Upcoming Events

Monday Motivation – Rock your Content Calendar, Calling All Female Artists, & Upcoming Events

In today’s episode, I’m sharing details on my upcoming presentation at Venture Cafe on rocking your content calendar! Also, TuxCouture is having a contest for female artists to design a scarf if you are interested in applying, the new office is shaping up, and as usual I’m looking for fun events to go to this month;) Happy Monday and enjoy your week folks!

Show Notes:

Apply for the artists contest for TuxCouture here and see 10% discount

The Order of Time

Venture Cafe

Winston Salem Fashion Week

NY Fashion Week

Shout out to HQ Greensboro, our fabulous coworking space

The Dani Inc Show: Sharing the Latest Books, Happenings, + Work w/ You

Today’s episode on the Dani Inc Show is about sharing… my latest reads, new happenings, upcoming events, and what I’m working on. I’d love to hear from you! What books are you reading? How do you take learnings from one area of your life and apply it to another? What processes are you putting into place for your business or life?

Video Notes:

Winston Salem Fashion Week

  • Holler if you want to go with me!

The Order of Time

Anita Blake Series

Entrepreneur Before 25

Venture Cafe Winston Salem

  • I’ll be presenting on 9/27 on creating content calendars

NC Folk Fest

  • Holler if you want to go with me!