Out & About Town: September/October

Out & About Town: September/October

Mark your calendars ladies and gentlemen! Virtually, join me live with Graham and Melanie this week and next. If you are in North Carolina, come join me for an event around town. Let’s go out and network!


Wednesday, 19 @ 4pm – Going Live on my Facebook page with Graham Treakle of One Donation

Friday, 21 @ 6:30pm – WSFW Opening Night Reception

Tuesday, 25 @ 10am – Going Live with Melanie Ginsburg, Sales Funnel Expert

Tuesday, 25 @ 5:30pm – Startup Grind WS with Steadman Harrison and Steve Beck of GoInnovation

Tuesday, 25 @ 5:30pm – Center for Creative Economy Demo Day

Tuesday, 25 @ 6:30pm – IoT with Embedded AI: Is it Outperforming Humans? (Raleigh)

Thursday, 27 @ 6pm – Dani’s Presentation @ Venture Cafe on How To Create a KICKASS Content Calendar

Friday, 28 @ 8am – Creative Morning with Sunny Lin & Sophia Woo from Food Network’s The Great Food Truck Race (Raleigh)

Saturday, 29 @ 4pm – WSFW Runway


2 @ 5pm – Venture Café at HQ Greensboro: Cyber Security

2 @ 6pm – GSO Fashion Week Meet & Greet

4 @ 4pm – Larger Than Life Science (Durham)

6 @ 6pm – 10th Annual Art Lives Here Silent Auction @ Revolution Mills

10 @ 7pm – Opening Event for The Beyond: Georgia O’Keeffe and Contemporary Art (Raleigh)

12 @ 8:30am – Innovative Women’s Conference (Raleigh)

17 @ 12pm – Dani’s TBD Lunch & Learn @ HQ Greensbor0

22 @ 9am – Free Lady’s Coworking Day

Monday Motivation – Rock your Content Calendar, Calling All Female Artists, & Upcoming Events

Monday Motivation – Rock your Content Calendar, Calling All Female Artists, & Upcoming Events

In today’s episode, I’m sharing details on my upcoming presentation at Venture Cafe on rocking your content calendar! Also, TuxCouture is having a contest for female artists to design a scarf if you are interested in applying, the new office is shaping up, and as usual I’m looking for fun events to go to this month;) Happy Monday and enjoy your week folks!

Show Notes:

Apply for the artists contest for TuxCouture here and see 10% discount

The Order of Time

Venture Cafe

Winston Salem Fashion Week

NY Fashion Week

Shout out to HQ Greensboro, our fabulous coworking space

The Dani Inc Show: Sharing the Latest Books, Happenings, + Work w/ You

Today’s episode on the Dani Inc Show is about sharing… my latest reads, new happenings, upcoming events, and what I’m working on. I’d love to hear from you! What books are you reading? How do you take learnings from one area of your life and apply it to another? What processes are you putting into place for your business or life?

Video Notes:

Winston Salem Fashion Week

  • Holler if you want to go with me!

The Order of Time

Anita Blake Series

Entrepreneur Before 25

Venture Cafe Winston Salem

  • I’ll be presenting on 9/27 on creating content calendars

NC Folk Fest

  • Holler if you want to go with me!
Let’s Go Out On The Town

Let’s Go Out On The Town

If you are looking for some fun events to go to, here’s what I have on my calendar so far. Let me know if you want to join me!

August 13 – Pop Up Coworking for Women (Greensboro)

August 15 – Fashion & Textile Mixer (Raleigh)

August 15 – IdeaLaunch (Greensboro)

August 15 – 1 Million Cups (Durham)

August 16 – Studio 503 Artist Event (Greensboro)

August 20 – Big Top Startup Crawl (Raleigh)

August 30 – Startup Grind Party (Raleigh)

August 31 – Creative Morning (Raleigh)

September 6 – Larger Than Life Science (Durham)

September 7-9 – Folk Festival (Greensboro)

September 12 – Wise Women Wednesday (Greensboro)

September 20 – CLT Startup Crawl (Charlotte)

September 25 – Center for Creative Economy Demo Day (Winston Salem)

September 27 – Venture Cafe (Winston Salem)

September 29 – Winston Salem Fashion Week

September 29 & 30 – Abraham Hicks Workshop (Asheville)


P.S. Photo from Women’s Innovators Day event in Raleigh:) Everyone from the Greensboro crew won a giveaway!


The Ultimate Homepage Redesign Checklist

The Ultimate Homepage Redesign Checklist

Any website optimization and redesign project is an undertaking. Where do you even start? For me, I start with the home page and then go from there. If your website is your storefront, then the homepage is the front door, having it be clear and welcoming is so important. Within the first few moments customers need to know what you offer, how you are going to make their life better, and what they need to do to work with you. Does your homepage meet all of those criteria in a 5 second scan?

If you are contemplating a redesign or going through one now, here’s my checklist for making sure it’s built with your goals in mind. Enjoy!



Hey folks! What are you using for dashboards? I’ve been exploring the Traction Scorecards, Brad Sugars’ 5 Ways, and Pirate Metrics for business and marketing tracking. I’d love to hear what is working for you. Here are more details on each as promised in my most recent Facebook Live.

I use the Pirate Metrics for campaign tracking, 5 Ways for business/marketing, and the Traction Scorecard as the overarching framework for organizing them and other metrics. The key is finding out what works best for your organization and what your goals are. Happy tracking!

Pirate Metrics

What Is An EOS Scorecard?

The 5 Ways to Grow Business Revenue and Profit

Marketing + Business Dashboards

What are you tracking and why? Let's talk about Traction Scorecards, Brad Sugar's 5 Ways, and AARRR Metrics.

Posted by Aha Marketing on Monday, June 18, 2018

Resources for Using Scrum + Kanban for Marketing

Resources for Using Scrum + Kanban for Marketing

I’ve been going down a project management and leadership rabbit hole lately. I started with Hacking Marketing last year, then starting reading the PMP exam book and Learning Agile recently. I love the scrum and kanban models and have started testing them on some of my projects. What I’ve learned though is that it is more about the principales and values behind the methodologies and tools than the tools themselves.

While I can implement backlogs, sprints and task boards, what is more important is that the team understands the scrum values of commitment, respect, focus, openness, and courage to become effective scrum teams. Since this is something I’m learning and applying, I’ll report back next month with an update on how it’s going! 

Here are a few articles, books, and notes to get you started if you are interested in applying this to your own marketing.

Think in Layers

I feel like this quote gives you a better idea of how to think of scrum. While the articles break down the backlogs, sprints, meetings, and other widgets that make up the methodology, this gives you the big picture of how it applies to your organization as a whole.

“Picture several layers at which the organization decides what it is going to do. The tasks on an agile team’s kanban board are the bottom layer, describing very specific activities that individuals execute in the scope of a sprint. Those tasks are derived from the prioritized backlog of stories, which is the layer immediately above the sprint. Clusters of related stories could be grouped into epics, which constitute the next layer up. And we can even envision a layer above that, a collection of themes that represent the highest level of strategic initiatives that the company wants to pursue. At the very top is the company’s overarching vision, a layer that encompasses everything.

These layers are distinguished from one another by their granularity and their timescale. Tasks are the most atomic units, things such as “graphic design of infographic.” Themes are big, high-level thrusts, such as “establish presence in the Asia/Pacific region.” An epic under that theme might be “launch Asia/Pacific content marketing program.” And a story under that epic might be “produce infographic of important regional trends”—of which our task example is one slice. The different timescales on which these layers operate are approximately tasks in a sprint, stories in a quarter, epics on a half-year horizon, and themes for the year.”

Full Hacking Marketing book notes. (More so my highlights and some notes.)

Say That Again

One of the differences between the books I was reading on scrum was the distinction that kanban is not a task board and is for work items instead. Below is a quote that better describes this description yet it still feels squishy to me. I’ll come back to this one later;) It was one of the sticking points for me and thought I’d mention it.

“These are not task boards. They’re called kanban boards. The way that you know they’re not task boards is that they don’t have tasks on them. They have work items. A work item is a single, self-contained unit of work that can be tracked through the entire system. It’s typically larger than an MMF, requirement, user story, or other individual scope item. One difference between a task board and a kanban board is that while tasks flow across a task board, work items are not tasks. The tasks are what the people do to move the work items through the system. In other words, the tasks are the “cogs” of the machine that push the work item through.”

Articles + Books

The articles and Hacking Marketing book are great places to start. I would recommend renting the Learning Agile book (instead of buying), it is more technical and for software teams yet is more detailed. A book for skimming and reference.

Agile Marketing Using Scrum

Break Down and Track your Marketing Campaign with Kanban

Agile Marketing: How to Implement Scrum for Digital Marketing

Full Hacking Marketing book notes. (More so my highlights and some notes.)

Using Pirate Metrics

Using Pirate Metrics

What metrics are you using for your marketing? One of my favorite tools is Pirate Metrics, AARRR. See how you can use these metrics for your marketing in the below Facebook LIVE video and article. I’m experimenting with more LIVE videos to explain the tools, tactics, and concepts I use for my strategy and planning work, stick with me as I get the hang of this lol!

The framework is based on the most important metrics to track:

  • Acquisition: Where are users coming from?
  • Activation: Are users having a happy first-time experience?
  • Retention: Do users keep coming back?
  • Revenue: Are you making money?
  • Referral: Do users tell others?

I’d love to hear how you decide to use this tool!

Pirate Metrics

Talking about pirate metrics! AARRR Matey

Posted by Aha Marketing on Thursday, May 24, 2018



How To Use Pirate Metrics, AARRR Matey



The 3 P’s + Strategic Project Management

The 3 P’s + Strategic Project Management

There’s a few questions that keep popping up for me lately, what do you actually do and when I talk about my experience people often ask why I closed Joy Works Marketing and how what I am doing now is different. I finally feel like I have an answer for those questions! As you know I love to pose questions in return, so what questions keep popping up for you? What patterns are you seeing?

It was on a walk after a chat with a friend about my work that I realized how to clearly and concisely communicate how what I am doing now is different from before. I call it the 3 P’s. They are Personal, Project, and Partner.

While Joy Works Marketing was based on having a team of contractors, my work now is based on partnerships. I’ve formed a web of partnerships for my  work and that includes other agencies and marketing collaboratives (like SheWolf, a women’s marketing collaborative).

The next P is project based, instead of doing ongoing marketing, I focus on project work. Ideally I’m working on a project for 3-6 months and it could include a website redesign, large scale video production, launch of a new campaign, product line, or program, or rebranding.  

Lastly, I feel what I am doing is more personal. You are working with me and my partners rather than a traditional agency. Hopefully that better explains the difference between my previous and current work. If not, please let me know! I want to be able to explain this to people:)

To answer the other question of what I actually do – I am calling it strategic project management. I love to help business owners with their marketing strategy and planning and that includes creating content calendars, brand documents, and promotional plans. Then after providing more clarity and direction in the strategy phase, I like to switch to planning and project management and make sure the strategy is seen through. Ideally I’m the person you talk to first before you give direction to your social media manager, email marketer, or other marketing folks. That way we know they have a solid foundation in the strategy in order to do their best work.

Businesses that have no marketing team or 1-3 team members are a fit for my services as I can help them on special projects. Most marketing people and business owners are so entrenched in day to day management that when a special project comes along like a website redesign or new launch they don’t have the capacity to give it the attention it needs. That’s where I help with strategy and planning and make sure it’s seen through to completion.

So how does this help you? Ideally this gives you an idea for new collaborative ways of doing business and when you have your next major marketing project you think of other ways to move it forward through partnerships and bringing on folks like myself to assist you. I know it can be overwhelming to manage your day to day marketing plus larger projects that come up. There is a way through the chaos though!